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Create Divine SCENT Experiences

Do you have a signature brand scent?

The fragrance industry has known for years the power of scents to create a deep emotional connection to a luxury brand. A scent can reveal your personality, set a mood, and create vivid memories about an experience. Hotels, retail stores, and upscale spas known for their customer experiences utilize the power of scent to build emotional brand loyalty. The Viceroy New York, for example, features a scent of fragrant woody notes and fir balsam to reflect the black leather and dark woods of the interior design along with cassis, a deep red berry note, to capture the bright and reflective gilt highlights of the interior.

Scents provide a powerful tool to build emotional brand loyalty. Think of scents as an extension of your logo and branding. It’s the sensory version. According to Mandarin

Oriental Hotel & Spa, hotel guests remember the scent 2x longer and more vividly than what they see or hear.

Scents lend an air of sophistication for luxury brands by incorporating the scent through the air with diffusers, linen sprays for guest rooms or robes, business and note cards, brand packaging, candles, and more.

3 Tips to Creating a Signature Scent:

1. INTERIOR DESIGN: For retailers, spas, salons, hotels, boutiques, and others with a physical space, consider the colors, textures, and climate.

2. TARGET AUDIENCE: Clarify your target audience. For example, are you targeting 25 - 45 year olds who work in the city and are looking for a tranquil place to relax, hipsters who love bohemian and organic, or travel enthusiasts who love to try new products from all over the world?

3. AMBIANCE: What mood or ambiance do you wish to convey? Are you going for playful or sophisticated? Do you need to balance relaxation with awakening or energizing?

The perfect scent will conjure up strong emotional memories of the experience with your brand. Breathe it in!

To discover how to create your own signature scent, contact Pure Beauté.

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