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SPRING PROFITS IN BLOOM: Top 10 Fashion Trends

Fashion is more artistic than ever this Spring, and so is the hair. What a great opportunity as a stylist to bring the looks to life for your clients and show them how to get the look that is just right for them. The Spring Beauty Preview and fashion trends that debuted on the runways in the Fall will soon to come to life as spring finally starts to reveal itself. Your clients look to you for trend advice - more than just hair or skincare advice - they want a true expert and fashionista who can bring the total look together.

The more you engage them about what’s trending in fashion+hair, the greater their trust and the easier it is for you to help the client create the entire look. This is a winning combination that creates client retention.

For what’s trending in fashion this Spring, there are lots of new looks to choose from, and some reinvented ones too. We selected trends from New York, Milan, and Paris.

10 Top Spring Fashion Trends

1. Floral & Botanical Prints

2. Pop Art

3. Sporty

4. Pleats

5. Fringe

6. Bras Revealed

7. Artistic Outerwear

8. Embellishments

9. Logos & Slogans

10. Pink Blush

1.Floral & Botanical Prints - From pencil skirts, flowy dresses, to crop tees & short sets. Spring Floral prints are scene from virtually every designer from subtle botanical inspired soft colors in muted greens to bright fuchsia infused prints. An example is Armani who inspired us with a lovely botanical print of muted shades of green, grey, and yellows to create a flowing long sleeveless top worn over matching print pants.

2. Pop Art - Museum or gallery worthy art; Given the name, the designs are literally museum looking art work brought to life in print fabrics we see especially on dresses and skirts, or the look of a hand painted design or even paint splattered effects. A Prada dress with a large face painted in yellow says it all.

3. Sporty - The varsity jacket, bomber jacket, and baseball hat are back. This time though, they are embellished with details such as flowers, sequins, contrasting bold colors or leather accents such as the rim of a baseball cap in bright yellow python leather. Other seasonal looks are mixed in too, as metallic is very hot for spring, so you may see shiny metallic versions of fabrics for the varsity jacket with big floral prints or 3D embellishments.

4. Pleats - From romantic to street style, we’re seeing pleats in a variety of lengths and fabrics ranging from light denim blue, sheer poplin fabrics, and more. We see another trend mixed in, which is the asymetrical angles on hem lines and flirty layered looks such as Ferragamo’s pleated section of a skirt peeking through as a layer under a wrap around straight skirt brought together with a buckle.

5. Fantastic Fringe - Definitely a modern update to the 60’s & 70’s version of fringe! It has a more Bohemian Chic look with Long flowing fringes added as a hem to cropped tops, as an overlay to skirts, or to give flair to asymmetrical tops and skirts that accentuate the diagonal design.

6. Bras Revealed - Essentially, underwear has become outerwear! For example, we’ll see embellished bras worn like a vest on top of a dress.... and even designed to be worn alone in short or skirt sets - which, yes, they are back too. The undie trend is definitely for the more daring!

7. Artistic Outerwear - And, Speaking of outerwear... Coats for Spring are a necessity in most parts of the country as the temperatures are cool and brisk in the morning or you’re darting between rain showers. Coats for Spring continue to become more of a fashion statement each year. And this year, they are in the spotlight. Following some of the other trends we mentioned, you’ll see coats as Pop Art, Florals, with Fringes and the list goes on.

8. 3D Embellishments - Reinvented as a trend for everyday - even for your clients who work in offices - 3D Embellishments are no longer just for a night out on the town. Embellishments are making a real statement for Spring from flowers that look like they are practically in bloom, to rhinestones, raised stitching and gathered fabrics that give dimension to otherwise solid fabrics, and so much more. Get ready to be noticed - as all are very eye catching. For evening, the game is really on as designs such as a dress by Vera Wang are bursting with embellishments contrasted with sheer fabrics to gain attention just to the right places!!

9. Logos & Inspiring Slogans - Not just for t-shirts any more, we’re seeing more and more designers revive logos and slogans to a new art form of creating a design with the logo more prominent and artistic detail. Also, we’re seeing the designer’s name printed in large type to coordinate with the design, or inspiring words and quotes that represent a theme or message behind their designs. Of course, some of this trend has been around for awhile, yet it is different for Spring 2014. An example is Christian Dior with a collection that played to the idea of the designers view of taking women down a different fashion path - with slogans printed across dresses and skirts such as “Alice Garden” and “Primrose Path” to signify, among other things, the garden and floral theme. Interestingly, some fashion reviews say the designer behind the Dior collection was truly making a statement about women finding a new path in their lives more so than just about a theme for the collection.

10. Pink Blush - And finally, one of the top 10 trends is more about color - PINK - in all shades imaginable, yet, primarily in blush. While we see pinks in prints, bold and subtle, the most dramatic effect is actually a monochromatic look with different textures such as sheer organza and flowing ruffles on top contrasted with 3D embellishments on a skirt or shorts.

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