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Marketing & Digital Strategy


Welcome to Pure Beauté ~ We are an international business strategy and digital marketing company specializing in growing brands, driving profit, and attracting loyal customers.  We get results through unique business planning of looking at the big picture, digital marketing, strategy, branding, spa management, leadership coaching, events, advertising, social media and more for Beauty | Fashion | Luxury | Spa & Salon | Lifestyle brands.   



Who We Are


CRYSTAL & FRANK PRESCUITTI, founders of Pure Beauté, with over 25 years of industry experience for world renowned brands and MBA credentials, we have a proven track record in marketing and sales growing multi-million dollar companies from luxury and lifestyle to farmhouse chic.  Our expertise is creation of unique digital and brand strategies, business management systems and services to spas and retail stores to launch locations, grow client base, and inspire teams.  We create the overall marketing growth and digital strategy and focus on ways to engage customers in your brand story through an exclusive PURE Strategy approach. It creates authentic experiences to bring the brand to life. From creation of concepts, content, commerce, and customer acquisition to the bottom line, we've got you covered!


How We Are Unique

We focus on GROWTH and what we call turning Passion to Profit.  The passion you have for your brand and digital marketing is ultimately about growing profit, not just revenue or social media followers.  Lots of brands have millions of social media followers, yet the real question is has the brand been able to monetize their efforts to grow profit? We take relevant trends and bridge the gap from 'What's Trending' in beauty, fashion, health & wellness, lifestyle, luxury, and spa treatments and turn it into profit through compelling brand and digital marketing strategies and business management services.  Our exclusive approach creates a customer engagement experience with your products and services through all points of contact and social media.


Trends inspire new innovation in beauty ingredients, fashion collections, luxury brands, hair and makeup trends, spa and travel experiences that bring to life the luxury lifestyle.  Our innovative method to getting results positions you as a trend setter, trail blazer, and a top influencer.



The hallmark of what we do is based on increasing your influence as a LEADER - for you, your team, and your brand.  The world of luxury and the aspirational customer revolves around exclusivity, prestige, and influence.  Leadership is all about being influential.  Your brand is more than the story about the products - it's also about the culture of the company.    With certification as John Maxwell Leadership Coaches, Pure Beauté has uniquely tailored the proven principles for leadership, building an excellence culture among other topics to the Beauty | Fashion | Luxury | Spa & Salon industries to bring you exclusive LUXE Leadership coaching, MasterMind groups, a series of leadership topics, live training, and seminars to truly take your influence to a new level.  It's the new "Must Have" for SUCCESS!


Maximize Success

How do you monetize trends?  We show you how to maximize success, increase revenue, and create a buzz for your beauty brand, luxury product, fashion collection, retail store, upscale spa or salon. At the same time, we provide you with the branding, marketing, PR, business systems, strategic plans, financial forecasts, leadership coaching, launch strategies, events, and more to show you step by step how to get RESULTS!   Now, that's Savvy & Stylish!


Team of Top Influencers

We've created a team of influencers in beauty, fashion, and luxury to collaborate with us and share ideas to bring you the highest level of experience in the industry to achieve SUCCESS!

We dream, imagine, and create strategies to maximize growth.  


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