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PURE Pathways 90-Day Jumpstart Plan Package is turnkey.  It's all done for you!  Includes guidance to develop the plan together, and you receive a digital version of the completed plan.  Once completed, the plan gives you a quick view of what your priorities are and steps to reach your goals.  It is designed to "Jumpstart" your business or accelerate your success.   To get you started, we offer a 30-minute call to review your goals and 2 strategic calls 60-minutes each.  Additional Consulting Packages are available a la carte if you decide that you would like some further guidance on development of your plan.  

You'll Receive:
90-Day Digital Jumpstart Plan (PDF)
1 Strategy Review Call 30-Minutes
2 Strategic Calls 60-Minutes Each

You"ll Gain:
Accelerated Growth
Clarity of Action Steps
Suggestions to Measure Results

PURE Pathways 90-Day Jumpstart Plan Package

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